22 Apr 15

Sexy Threesome

Let just say that your wildest fantasy comes true. Let’s just say.

If you had the opportunity to spend the night with one of these three girls, which would it be?


In order from left to right is Kate Grounds, and Misty Anderson, and Raven Riley. Any one of these three would do anything you wanted for one night. Which would you pick?

Let’s talk about their best features, shall we? Yes, let’s do that.

Kate Grounds is a nice shy girl who tends to downplay her breasts in public. No, really, she does. Every time I’ve seen her you would never know she has HUGE BOOBS.

Misty Anderson is the Ferrari of sex. How do I know this? I just do. (Don’t ask questions here.) On her live cam I’ve seen her room; She has little horses and stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are kind of hawt, but what’s up with the horses? Or maybe she’s a cowgirl. I’ve seen a video with her riding a bull once and it was kind of hot. If she can do that in bed, well, she can; She’s a strong contender for my choice here.

I don’t know Raven Riley all that well. The first time I met her I had no idea who she was or what was about to happen. In was in San Diego during one of those porno conventions and I was told to “sit down and not move” and promised that I would get a big surprise. My big surprise was Raven Riley in a cheerleading outfit giving me a lap dance. She gets points for the lap dance, for doing the lap dance properly, and for being so willing to give a stranger a good lap dance. So she’s in the running.

So here’s what I think:
:: Kate Grounds is hot, and has a tight little body.
:: Raven Riley seems nice, but I don’t know her well enough. I bet she’d be wild in bed but I’m not sure.
:: Misty Anderson knows how to ride a bull, has her own cowboy hat, and seems to enjoy spending time with me.

Kate Grounds gets my vote. How about you guys?

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20 Apr 15

Sexy Nature Walk

Kate Grounds decided to go on a nature walk… And when Kate Grounds goes out for a walk, she does it in short shorts! I wish all chicks went hiking like this!

kate grounds-nature hike-short shorts 2

First Kate Grounds has to get warmed up… Lots of stretching and bending over, which looks a lot sexier in short shorts!

kate grounds-nature hike-short shorts 3

But when Kate Grounds gets topless outside this quickly went from a nature hike to the hottest thing we’ve ever done outside!

kate grounds-nature hike-short shorts 1

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17 Apr 15

Teen Oral Fetish

When I ripped these pictures from the member’s area of Kate Grounds, I’m like “Whoa, she’s giving head to a banana. This is hot!”. At first I thought I had never seen these pictures before, but after giving it some thought I decided to check. And sure enough, I have in fact posted one other picture of Kate Grounds going down on a bikini. No problem. I can salvage this – I’ll just have to put up pictures from this set that I haven’t posted before. Done.

Now, I love Kate Grounds. I’ve met her, and I still lover her – which speaks volumes about her and her personality. However, it just seems to me that Kate Grounds rarely smiles. (If I was Canadian I wouldn’t smile often either I guess.) But it seems like we finally got a photo of Kate Grounds smiling!

kate grounds hot teen goes down on banana1

And it’s no wonder – she’s about to go down on a banana! Time to show us boys exactly what this hot little perky chick can do!

Let’s check it out!

kate grounds hot teen goes down on banana2 kate grounds hot teen goes down on banana3 kate grounds hot teen goes down on banana4 kate grounds hot teen goes down on banana5

Well, it’s pretty clear to me that Kate Grounds knows a thing or two about oral sex. I just wish it was me she was going on, and not some fucking banana. I mean, it’s hot, but I have needs to!

kate grounds hot teen goes down on banana6

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14 Apr 15

Sexy Dishwasher

This is what all men need…. A sexy hot babe that can cook AND do dishes!

At the very same time, it seems like Kate Grounds really knows how to have fun doing it too!

hot babe doing dishes

When Kate Grounds wears a tight little thin t-shirt like this and it gets wet, well, it’s a safe bet that Kate Grounds isn’t wearing a bra. In fact, I can see her fucking nipples!

It’s like Kate Grounds is in a wet t-shirt contest but even better because she’s doing our dishes!

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12 Apr 15

Kate’s Thong

I remember a time when you had to promise to do the dishes in order to get a gal to wear a thong for you. Now it’s as common as using a fork.


I’ve noticed that Kate Grounds likes to wear thongs. She seems to wear them in every photo I’ve ever seen of her. Not that I’m complaining or anything. In fact, I think all girls wear thongs all the time. When did that change?

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I could not begin to imagine what it would be like to have Kate Grounds as a student… That would just be too hot to handle. One look at her and I would be all over her…. That short skirt and that cleavage sticking out would just be way too much for me to deal with…

Even just sitting there looking all shy and coy it’s too hot for words…

kate grounds sexy school girl 1

Then eventually she strips down… That is one hot super tight little teen ass she has!

kate grounds sexy school girl 2

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Some guys have all the luck. And I am one of those guys! This is the day I met Kate Grounds!!!!


I took this picture in Vegas. From left to right you have Misty Anderson, Melissa Midwest, Kate Grounds, and some other chick I’d like to bang. God bless porn!

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I always love a woman in tight t-shirts… And even more, I like chicks who are into geeky things – Star Wars, stuff like. (For Xmas I got every Star Trek episode ever and I watched them all… I would kill to watch them all with Kate Grounds!)

And of course Kate Grounds is pushing her boobies together slightly to make them just a little bit larger… Perfect.

kates playground star wars

Kate Grounds doesn’t need much help in the boobage department, but it’s cute that she thinks she needs help!

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1 Apr 15

Super Sexy Tease

Kate Grounds is the kind of chick that really knows how impress us… She’s all dressed up with a sexy white dress, tight dress – with holes in the right place to tease us.

She’s playing with her titties, her nipples… I’m not sure if Kate is a tease or a slut!

kates playground white dress high heels 2

Turns out Kate has some long legs too – and I love the red high heels!

kates playground white dress high heels 3

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When women have cleavage… They get off on showing them off. You know Kate Grounds does. But that’s only because she has some killer boobs. And women who have killer boobs have great cleavage.

Kate Grounds loves to play this up too!

kate sexy-boobs

Seems to us like Kate Grounds is showing us a little more than just cleavage here – I see nipples!

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