28 May 15

Lingerie Outside

Kate Grounds is a lot of woman for one man to handle… Look at all of that cleavage! Looks like her boyfriend of the moment talked her into posing in her sexy lingerie outside! And you know that Kate Grounds would never say no – She loves to please!

Looks like Kate Grounds has on sexy black panties… And if you look real close, it looks like sexy white high heels too!

kate grounds sexy cleavage

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I love Kate Grounds. Make no mistake about it. But if there is one chick that I love as much as Kate Grounds, it’s got to be Misty Anderson. Now imagine getting the two of them together. On a boat. In bikinis.

Bam. This is hot!

kate grounds misty anderson teen lesbians bikinis1 kate grounds misty anderson teen lesbians bikinis3

Kate Grounds and Misty Anderson together in bikinis, touching, rubbing sun tan lotion on each other, rubbing their boobies together…. I get hard just thinking about it.

These two hot babes would make one hell of a tag team!

kate grounds misty anderson teen lesbians bikinis2

I’ve met both Kate Grounds and Misty Anderson and they are both so full of personality it’s not funny. And look, Kate Grounds is almost smiling!

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22 May 15

Getting Ready

I am so in love with Kate Grounds. I can spend hours at Kate’s Playground looking at her pictures and her videos. I love her member’s area!

In my dreams this is what I imagine it looks like when Kate Grounds gets ready for our big date.


It would be soooo much fun!

No sense of her even getting dressed….. She can just wear what she has on! Kate Grounds looks great no matter what she is wearing – or not wearing!

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20 May 15

Stripper Pole Fun

At this point I only go out with chicks that know how to work the stripper pole. It’s not that I like strippers, but chicks that know how to work the stripper pole really know how to move in bed. They sort of climb on top of you and really move…. Not just ride you, but they fuck you. And fuck you hard.

Who knew that Kate Grounds had these kinds of moves? And damn if Kate Grounds doesn’t look super sexy here….

kate grounds stripper pole

Damn, looks like Kate Grounds really knows how to use the stripper pole! Who knew Kate Grounds could get herself in the air like this….

kate grounds stripper pole2

But then you stop to think about it for a moment and it hits you like a rock – Kate Grounds has some strong fucking lets. Not only does that come in handy when riding on top of you, but also when dancing on a stripper pole!

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17 May 15

Kate Having Fun

Kate Grounds just emailed me this picture and I thought it was “fun”.


Kind of reminds me of the 80’s when everything was “fun”.

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Looks like Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground is super horny… You know these teen hotties are always horny. It’s not that Kate Grounds is a slut or anything, or that any of these teens are sluts… It’s in their DNA. They need cock to reproduce. Their DNA tells them need cock as often as they can.

Or maybe Kate Grounds is just super horny!

kate grounds masturbating

Either way it looks like Kate Grounds is about to get off masturbating with her fingers!

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11 May 15

Wedding Day

This is exactly how I picture my wedding day…. Of course, the woman I want to marry the most is none other than Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground!!!!


Yes, it’s true; I confess. I spend most of my free time thinking about marrying Kate Grounds. I’m working on it.

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Here she goes again… Kate Grounds seems to be in a hurry to strip off her clothes! As much as I like to see a tight teen in tight jeans, I wouldn’t mind watching Kate Grounds stripping out of her jeans…

It’s so damn hot when she lifts up her shirt like this!

kate grounds sexy jeans

And Kate Grounds looks just as good from behind too – in her hot sexy thong!

kate grounds sexy jeans2

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Do you see what I see? Kate Grounds on her hands and knees in her panties and high heels….. And her secret girlfriend in the background?

kate grounds girlfreind

Very sexy!

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3 May 15

Kate Called Me

So my phone rings first thing in the morning before I’ve even gotten out of bed. “Hi Richard, it was good seeing you in Phoenix a few weeks ago” says a young women on the other end of the line. I detect a trace of a French accent but otherwise cannot place the voice. “Yeah, um, who is this again?” I ask. She tells me it’s Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground. Oh yes, the only Canadian I’ve ever wanted to sleep with.

Then Kate Grounds proceeds to bitch me out because I haven’t written about her on my blog in some time. “Well, gee, it’s not like I hear from you often – or ever for that matter” I say. I’m unusually blunt at 6am when my sleep is shattered by my cell phone. Then Kate Grounds continues to chew my ass out for not getting a passport.

Listen carefully here – You might have heard some rumors that I don’t like Canadians. Other than the fact I truly believe that the US should invade Canada and annex it, and make it a new state (called “Northern Montana”) I don’t have a problem with Canadians. It might be possible I’m still upset about being deported from the Great White North, but I’m sure I’ll get over that in time.

We chatted for bit, Kate Grounds set me up with a password to her site, and then told me she “loved me” which was odd being as I don’t know her all that well. Once I gathered my senses and kicked out last night’s cuddle toy I logged into her site. You know the rules; The moment I see a woman in a cowboy hat, well, I have to post it.


So there you have it. Stay tuned for more of Kate Grounds!!!!

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