When women have cleavage… They get off on showing them off. You know Kate Grounds does. But that’s only because she has some killer boobs. And women who have killer boobs have great cleavage.

Kate Grounds loves to play this up too!

kate sexy-boobs

Seems to us like Kate Grounds is showing us a little more than just cleavage here – I see nipples!

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Now this is something you won’t see in the official Kate Grounds website…… As you know, I’ve met Kate Grounds a number of times. And this is a photo I’ve taken of her.

Yeah, you won’t find this in her website!

sexy kate grounds

I think I took this photo of Kate Grounds in Vegas once. Check her out, sucking on that lollypop….. With her perky fucking boobies!

This is exactly why I love Kate Grounds!!!!

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Kate Grounds could have been a fashion model… She’s got the look, the body, the face… Look at her sexy hair too!

I wish chicks like Kate Grounds would dress up like this more often. That’s a hot sexy tight dress…

kate grounds tight dress

But now I want to know if Kate Grounds is wearing any panties here… If she’s not that makes this photo of her in a tight dress even hotter!

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21 Mar 15

Cigar Slut

See, if only President Clinton had a babe babe like Kate’s Playground…… Seems she knows what to do with a cigar and she knows how to be quiet about it too!

cigar slut

Combined with the fact that Kate’s Playground loves to be fucked from behind…. You can see by how she’s sitting here… Oh yeah, she loves to get fucked nice and hard!

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18 Mar 15

Sexy Spanking

For reasons I can’t explain, some women like to be spanked. If you told me you were going to spank my bottom until it was red I’d laugh at you – and then I would most likely punch you in the face. But some chicks get off on it. Seems to me that Kate Grounds is one of those teen chicks who gets off on getting spanked…..

I love it when her ass turns nice and bright red!

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16 Mar 15

Bucking Bronco

It’s true that I love Kate Grounds. She’s just a perfect woman – teen, young great body, beautiful legs, big boobs, and a face I could fuck for days on end. I swear I’d just lock us up in a hotel room, order up room service, and live like that for a week…..

I also love chicks when they wear cowboy hats too, like Kate Grounds here…. I’d love to see Kate Grounds riding on top of me, holding her cowboy hat up in the air like she’s riding a bucking bronco…..

kate grounds sexy cowgirl hat

Kate Grounds can ride me any day of the week!

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13 Mar 15

Tight Bikini Ass

One of the things I like about Kate Grounds is that she’s tall and thin and has huge boobs…. That’s a great combination – everything you want in a woman.

But when Kate Grounds puts on a bikini, gets on her knees, and bends over to show us her ass…. It’s a bit much to handle!

kate grounds playground tight-ass-thong 2

Who wouldn’t want to man handle Kate Grounds and her sexy ass?

kate grounds playground tight-ass-thong 1

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11 Mar 15

Sexy Student Body

I’m not sure if this is how we want to see Kate Grounds or not. On one hand she’s a sexy little coy minx student hottie sitting at a desk that makes you feel dirty looking at it. On the other hand Kate Grounds has her knees pressed together so tightly that if she had an aspirin between her knees it would be a diamond shortly. She’s looking at us like she wants to tease us, but it seems Kate Grounds isn’t about to pry her legs open for anyone or anything.

Then again all chicks are the same and while they refuse to admit it in public, they like to fuck as much as we do. You know Kate Grounds likes to fuck too!

kate grounds sexy student

Why else do you think Kate Grounds gets off posing for us online? She’s a bit more than a tease you know!

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10 Mar 15

Kate Called Me

So my phone goes off and it’s Kate from Kate’s Playground. Much to my surprise – I didn’t know she had my number. She’s like “We hung out in Vegas and yet you never write about me on your blog”. Opps.

Now I’ve created a blog dedicated to Kate Grounds, my favorite Canadian!!!

So here she is, stunning as she may be:


I’m sorry honey. I’ll never ever forget to write about you on a weekly basis. Promise.

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7 Mar 15

Sexy Cheerleader

Here’s a secret about me that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone….. I love cheerleaders. This of course goes back to when I was in high school. I didn’t play football; I figured that if I joined the cheer team it would be much easier to nail cheerleaders. In fact, I lost my virginity to a cheerleader. Lucky me.

Talk about being lucky… Just imagine: Someone somewhere gets to fuck Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground on a regular basis. And that person isn’t me!

Here is Kate Grounds in her cheerleading outfit…..

kate grounds sexy-teen-cheerleader

I’d love to have Kate Grounds do some private cheers for me… I’m also guessing Kate Grounds isn’t wearing any panties here!

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