No idea what Kate Grounds is wearing here, but it’s super sexy… Those stockings are pretty much see through – all lace – and that top looks like something she’s supposed to be wearing under a fancy dress or something. Either way it doesn’t matter because we love to see Kate Grounds naked or nearly so…


Loving the black lace gloves too!

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26 Oct 14

Kate Can Do It

This photo of Kate Grounds reminds me of those World War Two era posters where the girls were building airplanes while saying “We can do it” or “Free a man to fight”.

Whatever. Hot.

Looks like this must be a more recent shot of Kate Grounds – because she’s got the huge knockers this time!

working class girl kate

Damn, Kate Grounds has always looked sexy, but now with these titties… Hotness!

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Kate Grounds has some perfect boobs… I mean, seriously – look at those perky teen breasts! Those are perfect breasts…

You know what they say – more than a mouthful is a waste. And clearly nothing is going to waste here…


She kind of looks like Shania Twain here in those tight leather pants…..

Oh, I want to pry those pants off of Kate Grounds with my fucking teeth!

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20 Oct 14

Sexy See Through

Don’t you wish all women would wear see through clothing like this… Then again, not all chicks have a body or a pair of boobies like Kate Grounds does!

kates playground see through

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I think Kate Grounds is wearing a sexy Dickie dress here… Nice and tight and zips up in the center so we can see her boobies perfectly! When Kate Grounds goes to show off her boobies, it’s utterly perfect! You cannot deny that Kate from Kate’s Playground has perfect little boobies…


For reasons I do not understand here, Kate Grounds has on panties… I guess that’s because during the photoshoot she needs something to do such as taking off her panties. That’s twenty pictures of fun right there.

I’m guessing Kate Grounds rarely wears panties…


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Every man wants a chick that was a stripper at one point in their lives… There is just something about the way they move that makes them so fucking hot!

I am not sure if Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground was a stripper, but she sure seems comfortable being naked and leaning up on that pole. I bet you Kate Grounds knows exactly how to move too!

kate grounds stripper girl

Just imagine Kate Grounds giving you a private show just like she was your own private stripper!

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Looks like Kate of Kate’s Playground is about to pop out of her outfit here… I guess that’s what happens when you have huge boobs like Kate has!

sexy kate grounds

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12 Oct 14

Dressing Down

Sometimes it’s best to just go understated without trying too hard… Why go through all of the effort to get dressed up like a little teenaged tramp, when a tight pair of jeans and a tight sweater will do just fine?

I bet you Kate Grounds dresses like this all the time….

kate grounds

Nice and casual, and sexy all at the same time!

The fact that with this photo of Kate Grounds wearing a see through sweater is, well, an extra added bonus!

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I often lay awake late at night, wondering about Kate Grounds and her oral abilities…. Well, now I don’t have to wonder. Because clearly Kate Grounds has things under control! I’m guessing she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose without spitting it back out!


Which is why I want to bang Kate Grounds like a screen door in a hurricane!

I still don’t understand why women like Kate Grounds are so willing to get down on their knees and do what they do, but it is so damn sexy!!!!

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7 Oct 14

Sexy Kate

Kate Grounds seems to enjoy spending her free time wearing as little clothes as possible…. I guess if you have the body to flaunt it, well, go for it!

And clearly Kate Grounds has the body for it!!!

sexy kate grounds hot teen1

Did you know Kate Grounds was once in Penthouse? Shhhh….. True story!

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