18 Sep 14

Super Slut

I do love it when young teens get dressed up like little whores….. Not sure if Kate Grounds is trying to impress us or turn us on, but both is exactly what’s happening?

No man would be able to turn down Kate Grounds. She’s dressed up in a short little plaid skirt – which reminds me of a slutty little school girl – black high heels, and white stockings…. Man, this is so hot! I know I wouldn’t be able to say no to Kate Grounds!!!!! I’d gladly get down on my knees and lick her sexy little black high heels!

And while I’m down there I’d lift up her little skirt and pry her tight little thing off with my tongue…..

slutty teen white stockings short skirt

I’d do anything for Kate Grounds!!!! I’d gladly be her man whore!

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15 Sep 14

Teen Cow Girl

For reasons I’ll never understand, chicks in cowboy hats turn me on. Even silly little straw cowboy hats.

Kate Grounds can ride me any time she wants! With that short skirt… She can just lift up her skirt and mount me any time she wants!

kate grounds cowgirl

And those boobies! Who knew that Kate Grounds was hiding such sexy perky boobs!

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12 Sep 14

Sexy Handcuffs

It’s bad enough I’d sell my soul to the devil for a few moments alone with Kate Grounds…. But to have her young hot teen body in hand cuffs so I could have my way with her?

That would be way too much!

kate grounds hot teen handcuffs1

And this time Kate Grounds won’t be able to say no!!!

kate grounds hot teen handcuffs2

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Oh wow this is just perfect. Kate Grounds bending over showing us her per pussy in a thong…. Look at those legs! Imagine having those sexy legs wrapped around your waist!

Looks like she’s bending over looking for a spanking… I’d gladly give her a spanking!


Come to think of it, if Kate Grounds keeps bending over like this… I would hit it from behind!

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7 Sep 14

Favorite Cowgirl

These pictures of Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground pretty much covers all of the niches I love to target so much….. Seems to me Kate Grounds is wearing a bikini with a skirt, a cowboy hat ( dressup! ), and later on when she flips around and bends over high heels and white panties….. I see boobs too!

kate cowgirl hat3

I love when our favorite models get on their knees when they are wearing skirts….. And flash us their panties!

kate cowgirl hat4

But someone needs to buy Kate Grounds some new high heels – they look a little worn!

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4 Sep 14

Soda Pop Girl

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have been alive in the 1950s? Well, I haven’t either. Until just know – When I came across these pictures of Kate Grounds that just screams “soda pop girl”.

I imagine being in my little convertible at the drive in with Kate Grounds bringing me sodas….. What a nice little ass Kate Grounds has!

kate grounds hot teen perky breasts

Then I get her into the back seat… You know the drill.

That’s right. Even way back when I would have been a perv! Even more so when it comes to Kate Grounds!

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2 Sep 14

Sexy Cheerleader

My my, I do fancy myself a hot young teen cheerleader with a tight little body….. And today it’s Kate Grounds filling that bill nicely!!!!

kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader1

This is hot, but I’m not sure about the high heels….. I guess this is more for dress up and for play more than anything else. But I’d still like to see Kate Grounds doing a cheer in that outfit…. I can imagine her cheering and using my name. Sweetness!

kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader5

Here’s a dirty little secret…. In high school, I was a male cheerleader. Sound ghey? Maybe. But while you clowns were up in the stands watching the cheerleaders, wishing you could be close to them…. I was the one holding them with my hands on their ass while looking up their little cheerleader skirt. Duh.

kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader2 kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader3 kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader4 kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader6

This last shot of Kate Grounds with her on her hands and knees…. You can see right up her cheerleading skirt!!!! I want to hit that right there as she is!!!!

kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader8

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Kate Grounds is outside at the local park… Wearing high heels, stockings, white panties, and a crazy plaid dress. As if anyone driving by didn’t instantly know they were up to no good!

I would know what was going down – and I would stay around to watch.

kates playground white stockings panties

Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve watched Kate Grounds get naked in a park before!

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27 Aug 14

Sexy Dishwasher

I wanted to call this post “World’s Sexiest Dishwasher Ever” but I think that’s a bit too long for a blog post title. So you’ll have to live with it. Suck it.

Check it out Kate Grounds is washing the dishes. It looks like it’s a Tuesday night after dinner for two, whatever, routine. Well, that is if you consider having dinner with Kate Grounds when she’s wearing short shorts and a shirt with no bra routine….. I don’t. Anyhows…. Then when Kate Grounds bends over a bit to reach for the soap, Opps, she got her shirt wet. Nice.

teen washing dishes super sexy1 teen washing dishes super sexy2

Remember that part when I mentioned that Kate Grounds wasn’t wearing a bra? Well, when she stands up straight again, bam, you can see right through her t-shirt. I see London, I see France; I see that Kate Grounds has beautiful fucking perky breasts.

Very hot!

teen washing dishes super sexy3

Kate Grounds can come to my house and cook dinner any time she wants!

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24 Aug 14

Sexy Tight Jeans

Oh my, how I do love Kate Grounds…. Sexy teen, tight blue jeans, sexy high heels….. All in a tight little package, crawling around on her hands and knees……… Yummy!

This is perfect, a dream come true…..

sexy kate grounds teen slut4

Oh, and check out her ass…… And her boobies! Kate Grounds has a nice little teen rack!

sexy kate grounds teen slut1 sexy kate grounds teen slut2 sexy kate grounds teen slut3 sexy kate grounds teen slut6

But I love when she’s down on her knees and elbows…… Too much for us to handle!!!!

sexy kate grounds teen slut5

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