All of our favorite hot teens wants to make it big in Hollywood… But to make it big there you have to dress for the part. Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground has it all figured out; She’s got this sexy tight short red dress that shows off her legs perfectly…… When she lands in Hollywood all she needs to do is put this dress on and go to town!

Kate Grounds will have the attention of all of the big producers quickly!

sexy hollywood dress kate grounds tight teen1

You can’t tell me that dress isn’t fucking sexy as hell!

The only problem I see with Kate Grounds and her Hollywood plan is the fact that she’s wearing panties…. What’s the point in that? Kate Grounds needs to ditch the panties so that if she gets lucky with the producer she can take care of business quickly!

Don’t want your damn thong to get in the way!

sexy hollywood dress kate grounds tight teen2

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Damn, Kate Grounds looks super sexy in this skirt and white shirt…. the shirt is pretty much see through because she’s wearing a black bra……

Yeah, I know exactly what your thinking. You want to know more about what Kate Grounds is wearing under her skirt….. So do I. So do I!

kate grounds-sexy skirt

Turns out Kate Grounds is wearing black panties to match her black bra. And that’s not the best part. Those black stockings Kate Grounds is wearing is really black thigh high stockings…. Kate Grounds might be all dressed up, but she’s really looking for some sex!

kate grounds-sexy skirt2

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25 Feb 15

Easy Bunnies!

Like hot teens? Here’s something new for you! A brand new blog about hot young teens – the teens you want to fuck!

The new blog is called Easy Bunnies – all about teen babes that are easy but not sleazy!

blonde teen meet-madden jean skirt2 pants around knees

All of your favorite chicks are on Easy BunniesMeet Madden, Nicole Sparks, Stacy Bride, Jordan Capri… All of your favorites!

teen rachel hot jeans7 young-hot-babe3-1

Check out Easy Bunnies today!!!!

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22 Feb 15

Kate’s Pig Tails

This photo of Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground knocks my socks off…. I love chicks in pig tails!

kate sexy pig tails4

Why? Because when your hitting them from behind they make great little handles, and at the same time it makes sure you have the undivided attention of the chick your fucking.

Now look at this sexy picture Kate Grounds on her hands and knees and tell me you wouldn’t pay top dollar to fuck Kate Grounds from behind!

kate sexy pig tails6

How about now?

kate sexy pig tails5

My my… Kate Grounds has a super sweet ass!!!

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Kate from Kate’s Playground always has had a huge rack. She’s a bit out there. I guess after a while it must be difficult to hide those girls because they stand out so much.

Today she’s pulling down her shirt giving us a good shot of her sexy cleavage…. I can’t tell if she is wearing a bra or not but that’s not really important. Big boobs in a tight bra are hot, and having perky boobs that doesn’t need a bra is hot too!

kates playground cleavage

We’ll take Kate Grounds any which way we can get her!

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Not sure what Kate Grounds is looking for, but she seems to have found it… She’s got her shirt pulled up and her fingers down below her panties. Looks like Kate Grounds is super horny and wants to masturbate!

That’s fine by us so long as we get to watch!

sexy kate grounds

This is exactly why I want to go and play on Kate’s Playground!

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They tell me I can’t post pictures from Kate’s Playground of Kate naked, but then they put this picture up on a gallery. I guess it’s okay for me to use because although Kate Grounds might just be naked, you can’t really see anything. After all of this time, Kate Grounds is just nothing more than a tease.

I’m not sure why a woman would spread out rose petals when they look like they are down on their knees ready to take a cock in their mouth, yet here we have Kate Ground, completely naked, on her knees ready to perform her magic!

super sexy kates playground

And I don’t think Kate Grounds has ever looked any better!

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16 Feb 15

Sexy Tight Jeans

Don’t you just love it when our favorite teens wear a tight pair of jeans? Yummy!

This is our favorite gal pal Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground showing off her tight little teen ass in this tight pair of jeans….

kate sexy-jeans1 kate sexy-jeans2 kate sexy-jeans4 kate sexy-jeans5

Oh, Kate Grounds has a great little ass…. And we can see she’s wearing a thong!!!!

kate sexy-jeans3

I so want to fuck Kate Grounds……

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14 Feb 15

Ballerina Dancer

All young girls want to be a ballerina when they are younger… So it’s not difficult to figure out why Kate Grounds is dressed up like a little ballerina dancer here with her hands behind her head…. This little ballerina outfit shows off her little teen breasts nicely really!

tiny dancer1

Oh, and what a special surprise – When Kate Grounds turns around and lifts up her skirt you can see her tight little teen ass…. I love those stockings she’s wearing!

And the shoes too!

tiny dancer2

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11 Feb 15

Go Go Dancer

I wasn’t alive in the 1970s and I’m okay with that. I don’t think we missed out on the sexual revolution, but I sure have benefited from it!

Check out Kate Grounds as a sexy go go dancer, boots and all! Hot damn, look at her tits. Those knockers stand up on their own now, don’t they?

kates playground go go dance1

If I had to go back to the 1970s I’d want to go with Kate Grounds… She’s got the personality to pull it off!

kates playground go go dance2

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