One, two, three…. Three pairs of boobs! That’s six teen hooters!

This is – in order from left to right – Raven Riley, my good friend Misty Anderson, and of course the star of our blog Kate Grounds!!! This is a threesome to remember!!!!

kate misty raven

I love how Misty Anderson and Kate Grounds are smashing their breasts together…. Breasts on breasts always rock with lesbians!!!!

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Yummy – Kate Grounds….

Now, I love seeing Kate Grounds naked any day of the week. Looks to me like Kate Grounds is wearing only a black of black thigh high stockings – and maybe some high heels if we are lucky. That’s hot.

But she’s also got a whip.

kate grounds naked

I like chicks with whips.

I want to bent Kate Grounds over my knees and spank her bottom with her whip – like the naughty little slut she is!

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You can’t deny it – Kate Grounds has the perfect little tight teen ass!

You know all chicks her age like to be fucked from behind. They love it like this; It tickles them deep inside when we fuck them like this!

Kate Grounds is showing us exactly how she likes it down… She’s topless – she has perfect little boobies – and she’s down on her elbows and knees, legs spread, ass up in the air! Looks like a party to me!

kate grounds perfect teen ass5

What a beautiful little ass she has… So firm, so tight….. It’s perfect!

It’s perfect for a spanking – or for fucking from behind!

kate grounds perfect teen ass4

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Don’t you wish every teen chick had a tight little ass like Kate Grounds???

kates playground tight ass

I do.

I would so hit that. But you knew that.

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11 Aug 14

Hot Geek Girl

I know that geek girls make you hot. Me too. Chicks with glasses have always rocked our world. Nothing has changed.

When Kate Grounds slides on her glasses… Those tall socks…. Smoking hot!

kate grounds geek girl glasses 1

Then when she cracks open her note book and sperads her legs… We can see right up her skirt!

And her panties!

kate grounds geek girl glasses 2

Any chance we get to see Kate Grounds spreading her legs and showing off her panties… Is a good day for us!

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8 Aug 14

Kate’s Mad

Looks like Kate Grounds is ready to kick some ass…..

Also looks like her damn little perky teen breasts are ready to pop out at any moment….

kate grounds hot teen-looking tough

Imagine trying to wrestle with her…. You’d try to pin her down to the floor while her perky titties are popping out!

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5 Aug 14

Email Updates

Want to know when I update my blog here? Sweet? Tonight I installed “email updates”. Just find the email updates box on the site and roll with it!

SIGN UP NOW you slacker!!!!!

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Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up with Kate Grounds first thing in the morning….

Well, now you know.

kates playground early morning sexy

Looks like Kate Grounds sleeps in the nude too… I see some side boobage!

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31 Jul 14

Sexy Kate Grounds

Damn, Kate Grounds has a body that just doesn’t quit. She’s all curves and big boobs… And lots and lots of cleavage. Kate Grounds is all about the cleavage…

Best of all Kate Grounds has a huge smile on her face as she is stripping down…

kate grounds huge boobs panties

That push up bra has a great effect on her boobies, that’s for sure!

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Looks like Kate Grounds has picked up a new sexy lesbian girlfriend – this time a hot big breasted blonde teen chick! I like this chick’s short hair; I want to see Kate Grounds pulling on her hair while trying to get her to eat out her pussy! You know these two have done it!

Why do teen chicks always compare breast size? Or are they just rubbing their breasts together? I think the blonde chick has bigger boobs than Kate Grounds, but that’s not to say that Kate Grounds doesn’t have impressive boobies!

kate grounds sexy lesbian teens1

Thankfully the “lesbian thing” is in and we get to watch chicks like Kate Grounds and her girlfriend fondle each other and try to get each other off while still wearing their clothes!

kate grounds sexy lesbian teens2 kate grounds sexy lesbian teens3 kate grounds sexy lesbian teens4 kate grounds sexy lesbian teens5

I can watch these two sexy teen lesbians play with each other all day!

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