Don’t you love it when chicks pose half naked outside? Hot. And Kate Grounds has a lot to show off too!

She’s got her cleavage looking all sexy, and her panties are down sliding down to her knees… And Kate Grounds is playing with pussy too!

kateg grounds exposing herself outside

Eventually Kate Grounds will moving her hand and showing us her sexy little snatch…

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2 Oct 15

Kate The Cowgirl

This picture of Kate Grounds in her little sexy (read: slutty) cowgirl get up always does it for me…. I mean, you know how I like cowgirls!

But I mean come on…. This is totally sexy!!!!! Kate Grounds has like the perfect body!


Now picture Kate Grounds hiking up that skirt, riding on top of you, riding you like a bucking bronco…..

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You see, chicks like boobs too! Everyone likes boobies!

Kate Grounds and Misty Anderson couldn’t wait to get it on with each other! With their bikinis on they pulled out each other’s titties and started to play with each other… They didn’t care who could see them fondling each other’s breasts…

misty anderson kate grounds lesbian sex

And you know how we love to watch Kate Grounds and Misty Anderson go for it! Let’s have them rip off their bikinis and just go for it like drunken monkeys!

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27 Sep 15

Whale Tail

Kate Grounds has it fucking going on six different ways from last Tuesday. She’s perfect, tight little body….. And she knows it.

Yeah, Kate Grounds knows it. That’s exactly why she likes to show it off like she does! She loves wearing the tight little jeans and the tight little t-shirt, the jeans riding low, her sexy little black thong sticking out…. Yeah, Kate Grounds loves showing off!

kate grounds sexy jeans tight teen ass6

And when Kate Grounds bends over just a little bit….. Bingo, thong city!

kate grounds sexy jeans tight teen ass7

I believe that’s called a whale tail!

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Damn, this shot of Kate Grounds is smoking hot… She’s topless, laying on her belly with her huge boobs being crushed, wearing only white panties, white stockings, and black high heels…

She’s got her legs bent, and she’s using her high heels to peel her white panties off of her sexy little teen ass…

sexy kate grounds panties

If Kate Grounds can assume this position, just imagine what she can do in bed!

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21 Sep 15

Banana Girl

Need I say anything at all about this picture?


Nope, not really. Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground is pretty sexy no matter what she’s doing – but at least now we know a little bit about her oral skills!

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18 Sep 15

Sexy Stairs

Kate Grounds never smiles. At least not on camera. I think it’s become her “thing”, like it’s part of her personality. I have seen her smile in person however.

Came across this picture from her site and it almost looks like…. she’s smiling!


Nice dress!

I wonder what Kate Grounds – who is Canadian – does during the winter to keep warm. Do you think she layers on the clothes? What a damn shame that would be. She can always come down here to California where it’s much warmer. I have a fireplace too!

I love you Kate Grounds!!!!

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We all talk about titties like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but we are all ass men too…. We love a hot chick with a great, round, tight ass…

Kate Grounds is here showing us how it’s done…. What a great ass she has – and love the high heels too!

Kate grounds hot ass thong 1

That thong Kate Grounds is wearing is so sexy she might just start a few wars with it!

Kate grounds hot ass thong 2

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I’m not sure when this happened… But it seems that Kate Grounds has grown some tits. I’m not sure if she got a boob job or had a baby, but it seems like her tits are just much bigger than these days… Not complaining, because we all like boobs. All men like big boobs.

And Kate Grounds has them – and loves playing with them too!

kate grounds huge boobs

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10 Sep 15

Hump Girl

Through out my travels I’ve discovered that some women are better in bed than others. “Why is that? you ask. Simple. Take a look at Kate Grounds here in this picture.


Now look at the way she’s straddling whatever it is she’s sitting on.

Now imagine her straddling you.

Not all girls can do this; It’s in the way they move. Strippers are good like this too. I bet you Kate Grounds has all of the right moves!!!

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