Looks like Kate Grounds has picked up a new sexy lesbian girlfriend – this time a hot big breasted blonde teen chick! I like this chick’s short hair; I want to see Kate Grounds pulling on her hair while trying to get her to eat out her pussy! You know these two have done it!

Why do teen chicks always compare breast size? Or are they just rubbing their breasts together? I think the blonde chick has bigger boobs than Kate Grounds, but that’s not to say that Kate Grounds doesn’t have impressive boobies!

kate grounds sexy lesbian teens1

Thankfully the “lesbian thing” is in and we get to watch chicks like Kate Grounds and her girlfriend fondle each other and try to get each other off while still wearing their clothes!

kate grounds sexy lesbian teens2 kate grounds sexy lesbian teens3 kate grounds sexy lesbian teens4 kate grounds sexy lesbian teens5

I can watch these two sexy teen lesbians play with each other all day!

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26 Jul 14

Naughty Schoolgirl

One thing we need to remember about Kate Grounds is that it wasn’t all too long ago that she was a cute little school girl….. A naughty little school girl just waiting to bust out at the seams!!!!

kate grounds sexy schoolgirl1

Because even when Kate Grounds was a student – which wasn’t all that long ago – she couldn’t wait to get naked on camera! And every day of our lives we are happy about this because we can spend all of our free time watching Kate Grounds strip down naked for us…..

What a great little tight teen body Kate Grounds has!

kate grounds sexy schoolgirl2 kate grounds sexy schoolgirl3 kate grounds sexy schoolgirl4 kate grounds sexy schoolgirl5

And when Kate Grounds dresses up as a naughty little school girl, she shows off her tight little teen body nicely!!!!

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Don’t you just love it when hot teen chicks play dress up? They aren’t doing it because they enjoy dressing up, they are doing it only for our entertainment!

Although I guess it might be possible that Kate Grounds likes dressing up. She looks cute in this outfit!

kate grounds sexy teen babe

I’m not sure if Kate Grounds is trying to be a Playboy bunny or a Chinese geisha girl, but either way the effect is the same…

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20 Jul 14

Push Up Bra

Give a chick a push up bra and it can do wonders for her… Kate Grounds isn’t exactly skimpy when it comes to breasts, but he could be a little bit bigger. I like just a little bit more than a mouthful, and Kate Grounds is a just a little bit shy of that. But with a push up bra and sexy matching panties, Kate Grounds is a total knock out!

kate grounds huge boobs bra panties

Of course with all of this talk about boobs, push up bras, and panties… We almost didn’t notice that Kate Grounds is wearing black stockings too! With little cute pink bows!

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17 Jul 14

Super Tight Bikini

Oh how I do love a hot young big breasted teen babe in a tight little bikini….. Kate Grounds fills that bill perfectly!

kate grounds sexy red bikini high heels1

What a beautiful little tight body Kate Grounds has!!!

When she’s on her knees with those high heels….. Super fucking sexy!!!!

kate grounds sexy red bikini high heels2

My god I would so hit that from behind!!!!

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Men are suckers for chicks in short skits…. And Kate Grounds knows this…. I don’t think her skirt could be any shorter without being obscene!

I think her skirt is super sexy!!!

kate sexy skirt1

But even better is the view from behind…. When Kate Grounds lifts up her skirt, she reveals a tiny little white thong….. And the perfect little tight teen ass!!!!

kate sexy skirt2

Sort of makes you wish that our favorite teen chicks like Kate Grounds would lift up their skirts more often, doesn’t it???

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12 Jul 14

Sexy Purple Dress

I love tight dresses. If I was a chick and I had a banging body, I’d bearing the tightest clothes I could fit into…. Like this dress that Kate Grounds is wearing! That’s sexy!


I think young chicks should dress like this more often….

Kate Grounds is smoking hot in this tight purple dress, and just as better – She’s down on her knees…. Talk about having an entertaining night! She can do a little dance on her knees for us, and then… Well, you know…. Then we can test her oral skills!

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Men spend more time obsessing over tits than they do anything else. But we should never discount or overlook women’s rear ends…..

Kate Grounds has a beautiful little ass… And of course she loves showing off… She’s looking mighty fine in her jeans… And of course she’s taking a self shot photo too!

kate grounds self shot

I would so tap that tight little ass… I so love Kate Grounds!

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When I become president of the United States or head Moose Lover of Canada or King of the World for a day, the very first thing I’m going to do is draft a law that requires all women under the age of thirty to wear nothing but tight clothing at all times – tight jeans, thongs, tight shirts – bra optional.

Kate Grounds is a stunning example. She’s all tight and what not. Tight jeans tight t-shirt. I can’t tell if Kate Grounds is wearing a bra or not; I’m gonna guess no because I know her perky breasts will stand up without a bra….

kate grounds sexy jeans tight teen ass1

Check out the fucking moose on her shirt. I swear, you can’t say Canadians don’t have a sense of humor.

Better yet, check out the thong that Kate Grounds is wearing! Hotness!

kate grounds sexy jeans tight teen ass2 kate grounds sexy jeans tight teen ass3 kate grounds sexy jeans tight teen ass4 kate grounds sexy jeans tight teen ass5

Damn, that’s one tight ass Kate Grounds has!

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4 Jul 14

Sexy Kitchen

I would kill to see Kate Grounds half naked in my kitchen wearing high heels….. I so love this chick!


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