22 Dec 14

Super Tight Dress

Nothing in the world turns me on more than a sexy, tight, short dress – that shows off all of the right curves! Nothing is hotter – not even the bikini! When I see a chick in a tight short sexy (TIGHT!) dress, it makes me fucking hard as a rock. It’s just as sexy as a bikini, plus, you can wear it into a nightclub – with high heels!

Kate Grounds has the perfect little body for such a dress! And the fact that it ties up on the side makes it like ten times hotter! Look at her tight sexy ass!

kate grounds sexy-tight red dress2

The best part is Kate Grounds looks super sexy no matter what pose she’s in when she’s wearing this dress! Of course, the fact that she can pull out her breasts at any given time is a huge plus too!

kate grounds sexy-tight red dress1 kate grounds sexy-tight red dress4 kate grounds sexy-tight red dress5 kate grounds sexy-tight red dress6

But when she bends over…. That’s a bit too much for me! Kate Grounds does have the perfect little teen ass!

kate grounds sexy-tight red dress3

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With an ass like this, it’s no wonder that Kate Grounds is still so popular… That’s a beautiful ass!

And when her ass cheeks are being gently spread by a sexy red thong…. That’s sheer perfection right there. Well, it’s not sheer, but it sure is perfection!

kate grounds beautiful ass

Combined with the long hair and the big boobies… Kate Grounds is one tight teen package!

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16 Dec 14

Super Push Up Bra

All women have boobs, and with the right bra they can be pushed up – all the way up. That’s a beautiful sight if I’ve ever seen one!

Kate Grounds has some huge boobies. Well, maybe not huge, but big enough to make a huge impression with a push up bra!

kates playground huge boobies sexy cleavage

The panties Kate Grounds has on are fun too…. They say “303 forbidden”. Only a computer geek would get that!

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14 Dec 14

Naked On Her Knees

Hot – Kate Grounds naked. On a bed. On her knees. Playing with her tits. Looking back towards us. Saying “Fuck me hard from behind like the man I hope you are”. What would you do?

I would jump in behind Kate Grounds and ram my cock up inside of her from behind – like a man. I can handle it, can you?

Look her sexy little body… Kate Grounds is built for sex!

kate grounds naked

And you know she cane take as much cock as you can give her!

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13 Dec 14

Shania Twain

I love this photo of Kate Grounds….. She looks smoking hot in these sexy leather pants – In fact, she sort of looks like a rock star. Come to think of it….. She sort of looks like Shania Twain…..

And, Kate Grounds is from Canada……

kate grounds sexy leather pants

So damn hot!!!

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11 Dec 14

Classic Jeans

I sit here day after day and post to my blogs; I love posting about Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground – She’s one of my favorites.

We’ve seen Kate Grounds in every possible outfit – the French maid, the cheerleader, the dominatrix, school girl, and so forth. But every now and then it’s just plain refreshing to see Kate Grounds in an old fashion pair of jeans, no high heels, and just a plain old shirt. Kate Grounds pulls it off well.

kates playground1

But of course if I was to come across Kate Grounds like this dressed up in street clothes….. I’d get to wondering what she was wearing underneath!

And now we know!

kates playground2 kates playground5 kates playground6 kates playground8

What a great little tight ass Kate Grounds has….. I love that thong sticking up out of her tight jeans!!!!

kates playground7

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8 Dec 14

Rare Smile

Kate Grounds is so damn sexy that is sometimes annoys me… But boy, Kate Grounds doesn’t smile a whole heck of a lot. I wonder why. I mean, she’s beautiful, has a killer body, and nice perky teen boobs.

Why doesn’t Kate Grounds smile more?

sexy kate grounds hot teen3

This is a rare shot of Kate Grounds smiling…. I guess maybe she got a new bikini – or perhaps Kate Grounds is just happy it’s warm out!!!!

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5 Dec 14

Working Out

Now this is something I wish we could see a lot more often…. Kate Grounds working out – or at least getting ready to go running.

Ever see a big breasted chick go running? It’s pretty fucking hot. I love the entire boobie bounce thing. Kate Grounds has big enough knockers to do the boobie bounce thing!

kate grounds sexy teen streatching out 1

She sure looks sexy in those short little shorts!

Hell, Kate Grounds almost looks as good from behind as she does from the front!

kate grounds sexy teen streatching out 2

Just think of it this way… After stretching out and then running, Kate Grounds will be all hot and sweaty and will have to take a shower!

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Here is a special treat… Kate Grounds completely naked. I would love to run my tongue wild on Kate’s Playground for sure!

All she’s wearing is… A little pair of black fishnet stockings. Slut.

kate grounds naked2

When Kate Grounds stands up it’s even hotter. Can’t see her titties, but now we know she is really fully naked. And nothing gets us off quickly than a hot babe completely naked!

kate grounds naked

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30 Nov 14

Almost Upskirt

This pose of Kate Grounds is pretty damn hot…. You can almost see up her short skirt, but better yet is the view of her legs…. For such a young teen, Kate Grounds has some serious legs!

sexy kate grounds hot teen2

I wonder if Kate Grounds goes out in public like that!!!!

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