22 Apr 14

Teens In Stockings

I always find it funny when teen chicks dress up in lingerie… Some times I think lingerie and stockings and high heels are for grown ups, but when I see Kate Grounds dressed up like this I am all over her.

Is it me or am I not seeing a thong here? Maybe Kate Grounds isn’t wearing any panties at all?

kate grounds sexy teen lingerie 1

Teen chicks in white stockings and high heels with no panties are always hot!

kate grounds sexy teen lingerie 2

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22 Apr 14

Super Easy Access

You have to admit, Kate Grounds is totally hittable. She looks so cute here with her sexy little punk rocker hair cut, the short skirt, and her tight little shirt…. She sure isn’t hiding anything now is she? Looks like Kate Grounds is wearing a bra or something to hold her perky little boobies up! Golly gee, that sure is one hell of a short fucking skirt!

Sort of begs you to wonder if Kate Grounds has any fucking panties on under that skirt……

sexy kate grounds

If she does, that skirt is so damn short that it’s all easy access – and it would be easy to tear off those panties… I’d pry them off with my fucking teeth!

I bet you Kate Grounds wouldn’t mind getting hit right there up against the railing…. Hard and fast. All she needs to do is bend over – You wouldn’t even need to lift her skirt up, because the skirt Kate Grounds is wearing is so short it would just provide complete and easy access!

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19 Apr 14

Kate Loves Nerds

Yeah, wake up. She’s not fucking you is she?


We should be so lucky to be fucking Kate Grounds!!!!

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Kate Grounds is clearly another teen chick I am love with. I want to bang her over and over again until my legs give out and I cannot bang her any more. Up against the wall, the door, the floor, the shower stall… Don’t care. I want to bang Kate Grounds until she’s full of my jizz….

I love chicks when they are on their hands and knees wearing only their panties and slutty high heels… It’s like Kate is trying to tease us by saying “I know you want this, but you can’t have it!”. Bitch.

kate grounds playground hands knees high heels panties tight teen ass 2

Maybe I’ll have to spank Kate Grounds for that comment!

kate grounds playground hands knees high heels panties tight teen ass 1

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So the heat has been getting to me the past few weeks. I made a trip to Vegas and it was 108. Fuck that. I live in Northern California and the weather is usually pretty good but it’s always hot in my home office. And when the heat gets to me I start thinking of cooler places. I’ve been to Montana during a heat wave, so my fantasies take me further North. To Canada.

And to my good friend Kate Grounds.


In this picture I’m guessing she shot it outside and it’s cold. They are right outside of her igloo. And a nice cool breeze is blowing over her tight little body.

I need to go up and visit Kate Grounds. I will as soon as I get my passport.

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11 Apr 14

Playing Golf

See, looks to me like Kate Grounds has a nice little tight ass…. Looks perfect in those sexy high heels!

kate grounds tight ass

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Sometimes you have wonder what some of us are thinking when we do photoshoots?

This is Kate Grounds riding a…. Whatever!


Hey Kate Grounds… Want to explain this one?

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6 Apr 14

Ass Up Face Down

Who doesn’t like a chick who is willing to get down on her hands and knees like this?

All chicks like to be fucked from behind, and Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground here is no exception… She likes to be fucked from behind as much as any other chick!

kate grounds hands knees sexy tight teen ass lingerie

This is why Kate Grounds is so comfortable in this position… Looks perfectly natural for her!

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6 Apr 14

Lingerie Outside

Kate Grounds is a lot of woman for one man to handle… Look at all of that cleavage! Looks like her boyfriend of the moment talked her into posing in her sexy lingerie outside! And you know that Kate Grounds would never say no – She loves to please!

Looks like Kate Grounds has on sexy black panties… And if you look real close, it looks like sexy white high heels too!

kate grounds sexy cleavage

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I love Kate Grounds. Make no mistake about it. But if there is one chick that I love as much as Kate Grounds, it’s got to be Misty Anderson. Now imagine getting the two of them together. On a boat. In bikinis.

Bam. This is hot!

kate grounds misty anderson teen lesbians bikinis1 kate grounds misty anderson teen lesbians bikinis3

Kate Grounds and Misty Anderson together in bikinis, touching, rubbing sun tan lotion on each other, rubbing their boobies together…. I get hard just thinking about it.

These two hot babes would make one hell of a tag team!

kate grounds misty anderson teen lesbians bikinis2

I’ve met both Kate Grounds and Misty Anderson and they are both so full of personality it’s not funny. And look, Kate Grounds is almost smiling!

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