1 Oct 14

First Video

I couldn’t tell you how much I love Kate Grounds…. There’s only a handful of girls I’d get down on my knees for and worship at her feet, and Kate Grounds is one of them.

Today I have a special treat for you – A video! Sweet!


And I can watch Kate Grounds dressed up like this all fucking day long… Because I always love a hot teen in high heels and stockings!

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29 Sep 14

Sexy Office Bitch

Kate Grounds as a sexy office slut…. Very fucking nice.

I’ve worked in an office before. I don’t recall ever getting the chance to work with a hot little office slut like this!

kate grounds sexy teen office slut1

My gosh, my lord – Kate Grounds is smoking hot when she gets all dressed up like this! I can imagine Kate Grounds being my personal office assistant; My executive secretary. “Oh Kate, can you come into my office with your notepad and your knee pads? I want you to take some dictation”. Yeah, right. Put me and Kate Grounds in the same office together and it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

I’d so hit that. Right on my desk.

kate grounds sexy teen office slut2 kate grounds sexy teen office slut3 kate grounds sexy teen office slut4 kate grounds sexy teen office slut5

And of course, knowing Kate Grounds the way I do, well, I knew it was only a matter of time before she ended up getting naked and taking off her clothes. She looks just as sexy half naked in her panties as she does all dressed up.

kate grounds sexy teen office slut6

And she’s still wearing her high heels. Sweet!

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Sometimes teen chicks are at their best when they have just regular street clothes, like they are about to go shopping or hanging out with the girlfriends. I personally think Kate Grounds looks sexy no matter what she’s wearing – and of course when she’s wearing nothing at all. Kate Grounds just has this sexy little tight body and hot short hair. I like chicks with short hair; I feel the need to try to grab a fistful of her hair and pull on it. Of course, when I’m thinking about this I’m usually picturing Kate Grounds down on her knees performing oral sex…. Oh come on, it’s not like you haven’t given thought to Kate Grounds sucking on the family jewels before!

Even in this outfit her breasts pop right on through!

kate grounds sexy-teen ass2.

The more that Kate Grounds strips off, the hotter she looks too. You have to fucking admit, Kate Grounds has the perfect little teen ass! She knows this, and loves to wrap her tight little teen ass in a hot little thong!

kate grounds sexy-teen ass3 kate grounds sexy-teen ass4 kate grounds sexy-teen ass6 kate grounds sexy-teen ass7

Come on Kate, take it all off!

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Sometimes the best photos are the older ones… I think this is an older photo of Kate Grounds; Wow. She’s nice and tight in all of the right places – and nice big boobs too.

It’s such a damn shame that Kate Grounds hides them from us… What a damn shame indeed! Because Kate Grounds has a great fucking rack!

kate grounds perfect boobs

The tight skinny jeans Kate Grounds has on is pretty hot too… Not to mention the slutty striper high heels!

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20 Sep 14

Super Tight

I’m calling this photo of Kate Grounds “super tight” – because everything you see is just super tight!

Even the girls are tucked in nice and tight….

kate grounds super tight

I wonder if Kate Grounds has enough girl balls to go out in public like this!

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18 Sep 14

Super Slut

I do love it when young teens get dressed up like little whores….. Not sure if Kate Grounds is trying to impress us or turn us on, but both is exactly what’s happening?

No man would be able to turn down Kate Grounds. She’s dressed up in a short little plaid skirt – which reminds me of a slutty little school girl – black high heels, and white stockings…. Man, this is so hot! I know I wouldn’t be able to say no to Kate Grounds!!!!! I’d gladly get down on my knees and lick her sexy little black high heels!

And while I’m down there I’d lift up her little skirt and pry her tight little thing off with my tongue…..

slutty teen white stockings short skirt

I’d do anything for Kate Grounds!!!! I’d gladly be her man whore!

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15 Sep 14

Teen Cow Girl

For reasons I’ll never understand, chicks in cowboy hats turn me on. Even silly little straw cowboy hats.

Kate Grounds can ride me any time she wants! With that short skirt… She can just lift up her skirt and mount me any time she wants!

kate grounds cowgirl

And those boobies! Who knew that Kate Grounds was hiding such sexy perky boobs!

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12 Sep 14

Sexy Handcuffs

It’s bad enough I’d sell my soul to the devil for a few moments alone with Kate Grounds…. But to have her young hot teen body in hand cuffs so I could have my way with her?

That would be way too much!

kate grounds hot teen handcuffs1

And this time Kate Grounds won’t be able to say no!!!

kate grounds hot teen handcuffs2

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Oh wow this is just perfect. Kate Grounds bending over showing us her per pussy in a thong…. Look at those legs! Imagine having those sexy legs wrapped around your waist!

Looks like she’s bending over looking for a spanking… I’d gladly give her a spanking!


Come to think of it, if Kate Grounds keeps bending over like this… I would hit it from behind!

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7 Sep 14

Favorite Cowgirl

These pictures of Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground pretty much covers all of the niches I love to target so much….. Seems to me Kate Grounds is wearing a bikini with a skirt, a cowboy hat ( dressup! ), and later on when she flips around and bends over high heels and white panties….. I see boobs too!

kate cowgirl hat3

I love when our favorite models get on their knees when they are wearing skirts….. And flash us their panties!

kate cowgirl hat4

But someone needs to buy Kate Grounds some new high heels – they look a little worn!

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