19 Nov 14

Whips And Leather

I always thought that Kate Grounds was a nice girl… You know, the kind of spends her free time thinking about puppy dogs and making long romantic walks. All that just went right out the door when I saw these pictures of Kate Grounds in black leather – and with a whip!

kate black leather whip1

Now I know why Kate Grounds never smiles – It’s because she’s a very naughty naughty girl indeed!

And I like girls who like whips!

kate black leather whip3 kate black leather whip4 kate black leather whip5 kate black leather whip7

Ohh…… This last picture makes me hard!!!!

kate black leather whip2

I’ll gladly be her whipping boy any day of the week!!!!

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16 Nov 14

Playing Golf

I don’t play golf; I think it’s a sport for old men who can’t play real sports.

With that said, I’d play golf with Kate Grounds if I got the chance. Hell, I’d be her fucking caddy! Just following her around watching her walk around in those tight little pants and tight little sweater – so damn fine!

kates playground playing golf

In fact, if Kate Grounds jumped off a bridge, well, I’d follow her. You would too.

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16 Nov 14

Sexy Lingerie

Isn’t this a neat treat – Kate Grounds in sexy dress up lingerie, stockings, garters, high heels, showing off her cleavage while looking at herself in the mirror like she wants to have sex with herself. Very nice.

Kate Grounds is licking her tongue like she can’t wait to taste her own pussy! I would love to see that!

kate grounds sexy lingerie mirror

In fact, I would just settle to see Kate Grounds masturbating in the shower or in her own bed!

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14 Nov 14

Sexy Black Thong

I’m not sure what’s hottest about this picture of Kate’s Playground… Is her her thong, or her sexy black boots? What a slut.

I’d hit it.

sexy kate gounds

For me, the big turn on with Kate Grounds is her long sexy hair. She’s a brunette, but she’s one of those few smoking hot brunettes that pulls it off nicely.

Love that thong too!

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11 Nov 14

Huge Tits And Ass

Well now isn’t this just the best of both worlds? A little bit of tits and a little bit of ass. We like to see as much as we can of both.

Kate Grounds… I’m not sure what happened but her titties look huge in this picture! Love huge titties….

kate grounds tits ass 1

And then when Kate Grounds turns around and bends over showing us she’s got a great little ass – and surprise – a sexy little white thong… Oh yeah, we know exactly what to do with her tight ass!

kate grounds tits ass 2

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Looks like Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground has gotten some bigger titties. No one is complaining; We all like big boobs. Women do too. But Kate Grounds has some serious cleavage now.

And of course big boobs leads to massive amounts of cleavage!

kate grounds playground huge boobs cleavage

Can’t wait until Kate Grounds strips out of her Dickie’s dress and gets naked for us!

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I never really noticed that Kate Grounds has such huge boobs… Or maybe she’s just grown into them. I must confess, Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground has just the right amount of teen boobage. Her breasts are not too small, not too big, but just right. They are the perfect little mouthful.

And plenty enough for me!

kate grounds perky boobs

I can watch Kate Grounds gently smashing her perfect boobies into the wall all damn day long!

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I love chicks that do self shot pictures… When your too busy for sex, at work or what not, you can have your chick spending her free time at home taking sexy photos of herself. That’s hot.

Seems Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground is able to do just that!

kates playground self shot

And Kate Grounds is showing off her sexy cleavage in the process too!

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Looks like Kate Grounds wants to show us her boobs but she’s afraid to… Kind of like a deer in head lights, huh?

Loving the leather pants…. Leather pants are always hot on sexy teen chicks!

kates playground latex leggings-2

Kate Grounds always looks so sexy!

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31 Oct 14

High Heels In Bed

The only thing that can make Kate Grounds hotter than she already is having her wear some sexy high heels… And it looks like that’s exactly what she’s about to do…

I also see Kate has some lotion there… Maybe she’s going to rub her self down? Maybe Kate Grounds needs someone to do it for her?

kate grounds high heels tight ass

I would gladly rub Kate Grounds down… Oh, and Kate… Thank you for wearing your high heels to bed!

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